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I’m an independent photographer based in Los Angeles, California and member of Women Photograph. My work is committed to visual storytelling, covering a wide spectrum of genres but mostly focused on the exploration of culture, people and femininity. I’m drawn to documenting hidden stories and bringing them to light, by generating visual narratives.

After receiving my bachelor's degree in communications at UADE, I realized that photography was my perfect tool to communicate through images. This is when I earned my undergraduate degree in Photojournalism from ARGRA in Buenos Aires.

A few years later, after working for different media from Argentina and Mexico, I moved to the US where I found myself living between Florida, Texas and NY, where I graduated from the International Center of Photography’s Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism program.

As a freelance photographer I contribute regularly to many magazines and newspapers from countries around the world including Argentina, Mexico and US. With more than 10 years experience in editorial photography, my work and personal projects have received recognition and been exhibited worldwide.

Select clients: Pepsi, Evenflo, Quaker, Jumex, Texas Lottery, BudLight, Heinz, Wendy’s, Getty Images LATAM, BBDO, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ogilvy & Mather, David, MSNBC, Diario Clarin, Diario La Nación, TAG Media and many others.

2017 Hidden Narratives, Rita K. Hillman Gallery. New York
2013 Mujeres que Disparan. Espacio Pilar. BA - Argentina
2013 Arte BA. Galería Matilde Bensignor. La Rural, BA - Argentina
2012 BA PHOTO. Galería Matilde Bensignor. Palais de Glace, BA - Argentina
2013 Art Fusion Galleries. Wynwood. Miami, USA
2012 Perfect Exposures Gallery, The top 100 Exhibition. California, USA
2012 FOTO8 Gallery Summershow. London, UK
2012 Arte BA, Galería Matilde Bensignor. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2012 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition. Somerset House. London, UK
2011 Buenos Aires Photo, Galería Matilde Bensignor. Palais de Glace, BA - Argentina
2011 Arte BA, Galería Matilde Bensignor. La Rural. Buenos Aires, Argentina
2010 Buenos Aires Photo, Galería Matilde Bensignor. Palais de Glace. BA - Argentina
2009 Buenos Aires Photo, Galería Matilde Bensignor. Palais de Glace. BA - Argentina

2014 One Eyeland Festival. 4 Finalists
2013 Best of Photography Contest by Sigma. Honorable Mention
2013 One Eyeland Festival. 1 Bronze & 2 Finalists
2012 National Press Photographers Association, Immersion Awards. 2nd Prize
2012 Sony World Photography Awards. Top Ten Photographers Shortlist. Landscape Category.
2011 International Photography Awards. 3rd Place "Pure Blood"
2011 International Photography Awards. Honorable Mention for "Storms"
2009 Photographer of the Year. Editor’s Shortlist

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